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‘Believe and Succeed’


Parent Feedback on Our School

Here are some of the lovely comments made by parents of children who have attended New Park Academy:


Parent of a year 5 girl: 

“I liked you ringing to check in. You and H are dead down to earth and I actually liked our chats and contact and I could also message you anytime. I think you even rang me on a Saturday when I messaged you on dojo. V. loved doing the work and the phonics lessons on the computer. We were really happy and supported.”


Parent of a year 4 boy: 

“I think you were brilliant to be honest.  I felt supported in helping K.  We still had SALT too which K really needed.  I liked having the phone calls too as it meant I could ask questions and make sure I was doing the work packs right. They worked better for K than online.”


Parent of a year 6 boy:

“It was really good. His last school didn’t really bother in the first lockdown, so it was good that you rang every day. It felt like you were interested in us and really cared. It was nice. It was good for K that he had the choice of written work and online work. He actually did some without kick offs which surprised me.”


Parent of a year 6 boy:

“Yes, school rang every day and checked we was okay and helped with anything we needed. C chose work packs and they were dropped off every time we needed them.”


Parent of a year 5 boy:

“School rang every day and I looked forward to that human interaction.  But joking aside, I was happy with everything and couldn’t fault the work or support.”


Parent of a year 6 boy:

“School was dead good, M got a laptop dropped off right at the start. He got work what was right for him. Staff rang up all the time to make sure we was okay and was there for us all and I could also message on dojo anytime.  I thought it was really good and we all felt supported, but we are praying that youse don’t close again.”


Parent of a year 6 boy:

“School were good. Miss W helped me a lot when K’s dad died, she brought flowers and cakes and that, then stayed and help me to sort out my paperwork because I’m not good with reading and that.  K got work sent out because he won’t work on a computer even though he got offered a laptop.  One of his teachers rang every day just to check we was alright and came out to visit us a few times. I’m gutted he leaves this year now he’s all settled and that.”



“School staff have taught my son how to manage his emotions. I’ve tried, but not been successful; school has done wonders for him.  New Park has turned his life around 100%”.



"Hi Mrs Bever-Warren and Mrs Clegg. I didn’t want to finish up for the end of term without saying a huge thank you.  Over the last 2 years my child's experiences at New Park Primary have been transformational both for his learning and his overall wellbeing. He has progressed academically, emotionally and behaviourally. For my son the last 2 years have been the most positive experience of his academic life and I know this has allowed him to move to high school with the confidence and ability to know he can succeed. I acknowledge the outstanding work you and your team have carried out in order to support his development which I know at times has not been without significant challenge. Thank you for your support and I wish you a peaceful summer holidays and continued success in September. Many thanks."



"Originally I did not want my child to attend New Park Academy and now I would not want him to attend anywhere else."



One parent asked whether it could be noted how happy she is with the progress her son has made since he has come to New Park. She explained that she had to fight hard to get him placed in a special school and she was so glad she had done so. She is aware there is still a long way to go, but after years of her son's needs not having been met whilst he was at a school where they just could not manage his behaviour, she feels he has come on in leaps and bounds: “without attending New Park, he would not have progressed at the level he has”.



"I am very happy with how far my child has come since his arrival at New Park."



"Thank you for all New Park’s support. You are a credit to the school and I believe without my child being at New Park we would have had greater bigger issues. It’s through your staff and the school that he has been so much better within the setting."



"I can’t praise your staff enough for how your staff have helped my daughter at school this year. She has come on so much and loves going in. We are moving to be nearer to family & friends, and I can only hope that we find her a school half as caring as yours. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff at New Park... Keep up the great work. Thanks again. Mum."



"Thanks to you guys my son is a lot happier and calmer, I can't thank you enough."



"My daughter's relationships with those around her have matured. Her art work has made a great difference; she has work on show in several places, which has boosted her self-confidence some.  She has really struggled over the past few years, and with help, has dealt with them. I admire her honesty and she tries to gain a silver lining out of any situation, good or bad; she uses humour to help her contend with some situations.

I truly believe if it hadn’t been for New Park School and their great staff, my child wouldn’t be as settled, or as sure of herself and her abilities; they have managed her emotionally and taught her to try and see situations from outside the box and deal with the feelings it causes. I believe she has a greater chance of a productive calm future with the skills school has taught her."



"He is able to give hugs to us again which he had stopped doing."



"Thank you so much for attending tonight.. you don't know how much you make us feel at ease.. I appreciate all the help you and all the staff at New Park have given to my child"



"We would like to thank you for everything you have done for my child.  You and your school have done more for us than any mainstream school even attempted to do for us. You have taken our quiet, introverted daughter who suffered daily with meltdowns and turned her into a confident, calmer, more positive young girl. Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts."



"Since our child has started her New Park Outreach Programme, she has improved so much. There is less conflict at home; there are not as many ‘melt downs’, she will engage in conversations and will chat to us; she gets up in the morning; she is like a different child."



"I am really happy with my child’s progress in school. At parents’ evening, I was most impressed with the volume of work he has produced. He is more settled and I am pleased that he moved to New Park."



"We are so happy with our child’s progress since he has been attending New Park. We feel, for the first time since starting education, he has begun to make academic progress. He has gained a sense of belonging and feels safe in school, hardly ever refusing to come in."



"You are fabulous, onwards and upwards and that’s thanks to u x”



"I can't thank you enough, I'm glad I have met you.  You go that extra mile for a child. Meeting you has definitely opened lots of doors for my son as well as given me hope because I very nearly gave up thinking I have failed him."




Feedback from Sports Day -

"She really loved it!  Thank you for organising it all.  We went to the Trafford Centre afterwards and she told me today was the best day of her life."


"So proud of my boy today. Absolutely loved his first sports day at school! Had his review recently too and he is absolutely smashing it and its all thanks to his amazing teachers! They really are on another level... they not only educate the kids, but the bond they have with each of them is amazing."



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