Pictor Academy
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Pictor Acadmey

‘Believe and Succeed’


Staff List

Meet the Staff


Teaching Staff - Secondary



Ms C Brennan 


 Assistant Headteacher / Teacher - Maths

Mr G Brierley


 Teacher – Year 7 / English

Ms C Fearon-Spencer 


 Teacher - Art 

Ms J Bower



Ms J King


 Teacher - ICT

Ms C Roberts


 Teacher - Food

Ms C Mcteigue 


 Teacher - Year 8 / Design Technology

Ms K Silikas



Ms C Lenaughan


 Teacher - Outreach

Ms H Whiteley  Teacher - Year 8
Ms H Donoghue  Teacher - Year 7



Support Staff - Secondary



Mr N Aitken-Smith



Mr C Berry


 TA3 - Evolve / Reward System / Outreach

Ms L Hillyard


 TA3 - Gym / Vehicle

Ms M Houten


 SEN - TA 3/4 - SEN / Interventions

Ms S Leversedge


 SEN - HLTA - SEN / Interventions

Mr T Linnhoff


 TA4 - PE

Mr A Moran



Ms B Owen



Mr D Parker



Ms P Peet


 TA2 - Outreach

Ms Y Pemberton


 Operational Manager for Safeguarding and Attendance

Ms E Retson


 Alternative Provision Manager

Mr W Richardson


 TA2 - Outreach

Ms K Seymour


 Family Development Counsellor

Mr D Smith


 Behaviour Support Manager

Ms S Ward



Mr D Warner


 HLTA - D&T / Midas

Mr S McMahon  TA2 (temp)

Mr L Gent



Mr T Austin



Mr L Houten   TA2
Ms S Barratt  TA2 (temp)
Mr L Cole  TA2 (temp)
Mr T Cain  TA2 (temp)
Mr C Ball  TA2 (temp)
Ms P Pitchford  TA2 (temp)
Mr J Pinnell  TA2 (temp)


Teaching Staff - Primary



Ms L Myers


 Teacher - Class 1

Ms N Webster


  Assistant Headteacher / Lead Teacher - Class 2


Support Staff - Primary



Ms L Brearley



Ms H Dunne



Mr A Langford



Ms N Lawless 


 Behaviour Manager

Ms S O’Brien



Mr A Smith                        



Ms N Hudson  TA2
Ms G Taylor  TA2 (temp)







Ms C Holme


 Administrator - Reception

Ms J Dulson


 Administrator - SEN

Ms R Shields


 Business Support Manager

Ms S Lomax


 Finance Assistant




Technical Support



Miss K Green


 IT Technician


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