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Pictor Acadmey

‘Believe and Succeed’

School will close today at 12:30pm.



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New Park Academy

Most pupils are being taught in school, but work is available on Google Classroom and there is paper-based learning, where a member of staff will drop off a learning package. Please follow links in the Parents & Carers section for more advice. https://www.newparkacademy.org/remote-learning-covid-19

Almut Bever-WarrenHeadteacher

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Our Vision & Values

Feedback from parents: "Over the last 2 years my child's experiences at New Park Primary have been transformational both for his learning and his overall wellbeing. He has progressed academically, emotionally and behaviourally. For my son these years have been the most positive experience of his academic life and I know this has allowed him to move to high school with the confidence and ability to know he can succeed." "Thank you for all New Park’s support. You are a credit to the school and I believe without my son being at New Park we would have had greater issues." "I can’t praise your staff enough for how they have helped my daughter at school this year. She has come on so much and loves going in." "I truly believe if it hadn’t been for New Park and their great staff, my daughter wouldn’t be as settled, or as sure of herself and her abilities; they have managed her emotionally and taught her to try and see situations from outside the box and deal with the feelings it causes."

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