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Believe and Succeed

Welcome to Our School

Welcome to our website.  New Park is an inclusive school and caters for children and young people from 7 - 16 years with a wide range of social, emotional and mental health needs.  We recognise that our young people have often faced years of barriers to learning before they have been referred to us.  We pride ourselves in seeing each child and young person as an individual and therefore look for 'out of the box' solutions where needed.

We trust you will find all the school information you need on our website with comments from pupils and parents as well as photos from in and out of school ; also feel free to contact us on 0161 921 2000 (Ruth Shields), speak to the headteacher, Almut Bever-Warren, or arrange a visit to see what life at New Park is really like!

(For Admissions see information in Our School or contact the Local Authority SEN Department on 0161 778 0406).



The Sovereign Trust

On June 1st 2018,  New Park joined Manor and Pictor Academy as a member of the Sovereign Trust.

The Trust is formed of three special schools, Manor Academy, Pictor Academy and New Park Academy, with the aim of developing a vision and strategic plans for educational needs in Trafford, Salford and surrounding areas. With this collaboration we are able to increase the opportunities for our staff, children and young people. We are able to offer our specialist knowledge to other schools, academies and professional bodies regionally; through advice, consultancy and training.

The Trust will be outward looking to support the needs of SEN learners and providers in the locality and region.

Please find a link to The Sovereign Trust website here.




We want our children and young people to be the best they can be within an environment which challenges and supports.
We focus upon academic standards but equally important to us is the development of independence skills to enable all to achieve and stand out as valued member of their communities.









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Contact Us

New Park Academy
Waterslea, Off Green Lane, Eccles, Salford, M30 0RW

0161 921 2000
0161 921 2030

Almut Bever-Warren - Headteacher

Philippa Peploe - SENCO